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Cooked Cashew Nuts

Snack Nuts

It can be consumed directly as a snack, or as an ingredient in cakes, pies, etc. It’s an essential ingredient for cereal bars and granolas.


Cashew nuts, either in pieces or in form of paste, are widely used as an ingredient in confectionery, as it adds to texture and taste.

Cereal Bars

Cashew nuts have become an essential ingredients in cereal bars, granolas, flours, etc.


Widely used in the baking industry, integrating breads and toasts, adding flavor and crunchiness.

Ice Creams

It goes great with ice creams, being an almost obligatory item in the toppings, as it gives the product a look that attracts more and more consumers.

Non-dairy Beverages

In the vegetable drinks market, it is today the most successful drink.

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