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Collection & Flavors

Our innovation taste and search on five unique flavors. Each cashew flavor has been packaged in four sizes of 45g, 75g, 100g, and 150g and is ready for consumption. They are:

Cream Cashew

Our Cream Cashews are baked with milk powder, coconut sugar and sesame, which make the cashew taste like cream and crispy at the same time. Very popular with the kids as they like this flavor – sweet with vanilla taste.

Spicy Cashew

Spicy Cashews are very special and very local in taste due to the spicy favor. They are baked with fresh ingredients such as lemongrass root, kaffir lime leaves and chili powder. They are very popular amongst the adult as they are very spicy and crispy and go well with beer and wine. 

Cinnamon Flavor

Our Cinnamon Cashews are the result of the combination between cashew nuts and cinnamon powder. The cinnamon’s flavor gives a nice aroma smell. Our Cinnamon Flavor Cashews are well accepted amongst the foreigners. 

Tom Yum Flavor

Our Tom Yum Cashews combine tom yum powder and the fresh ingredients of lemongrass root, kaffir lime leaves and lemon juice. They are baked in perfection in order to achieve the tom yum flavor, which is best for those who love sour and spicy taste.

Lightly Salted Cashew

Our Light Salted Cashew is cooked with healthy salt to add taste over the plain taste, which is perfect for those who are on diet watching. They are neither plain nor salty, which from a good base for healthy conscious.

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